Stuart Law, CEO at Assetz, comments on the Halifax House Price Index

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6th August 2014

“House prices are back on a strong growth curve due to the supply crisis. On an annual growth basis prices are behaving as we predicted for this year and the introduction of the Mortgage Market Review regulations only took modest wind out of the housing market’s sails. However, people are speaking rather painfully about affordability - house prices now stand at an average of five times the average wage, but lenders are warned about lending anything over four times a borrower’s salary. Some of the property price rises we are seeing in London are absolutely extraordinary and it might only take a few wobbles in the mortgage market to have a significant impact on affordability and confidence in and around the Capital. Whilst the overall outlook for the UK’s property market remains positive, we must be aware of the underlying risks of interest rate rises, lender restrictions and affordability, which could, and probably will, bring the growth trajectory back to more modest levels in due course.”

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