Stuart Law, CEO at Assetz, comments on buying off-plan

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21st August 2014

“Mortgages are generally only valid for six months so don’t work for 12-18 month off-plan purchases and the buyer needs to exchange with a decision in principle only.

“Small discounts are possible versus current market price for purchasing off plan but most buyers are taking the view that this will represent a significant discount by the time the property is delivered in the next year to two years. This will increase the yield in both cases.

“People have assumed that it is only the overseas investors buying off plan but in fact UK investors have done it for ages and Assetz for Investors sold 90% off plan stock between 2000 and 2007 and we are now back to selling circa 60 per cent of all stock off plan to investors again due to a lack of supply of completed property for sale.”

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