Stuart Law, CEO at Assetz, comments on Labour’s pledge to introduce a Mansion Tax on properties over £2million

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23rd September 2014

“Bashing the recovering property market with the threat of a ‘mansion tax’ isn’t the best tool in the box for Labour’s pre-election policy. The UK’s regional cities are beginning to flourish from the London prosperity ripple effect which is great news for local economies. While the spread of property millionaires is more concentrated in the South East, Ed Miliband must not stymy regional growth potential with this ill-thought-through plan. How will it be implemented?

“Introducing a mansion tax is just fudging the issue of a more important and urgent policy to build more homes and the resultant jobs that will create across the property industry. This seems a better way forward and one that will have a stabilising effect on house prices for homeowners of properties in all price bands and could just be more popular with voters.”

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