Assetz House Price Watch



The Assetz House Price Watch is an overview of the data supplied by five leading UK house prices indices: Acadametrics, Rightmove, Nationwide, Halifax and the CLG (Communities and Local Government). It is the only fully inclusive summary of UK house price data, providing a comprehensive analysis of market activity.

Assetz believes that individual monthly movements in a single index from a specific provider should not be taken as an indication of the market. Property is an illiquid asset and such minor monthly fluctuations for specific indices are not directly attributable to the sentiment of buyers, but rather more a sample of the data used in that particular month. Therefore there would be an inherent likelihood of it misrepresenting the market as a whole in a single month timeframe.

By taking 12-monthly house price growth data from all transactional indices and then averaging them, it is possible to gather a more accurate picture of how the market as a whole is behaving. The current month’s data is used from each index, wherever possible. If this is unavailable, the most recently available data is substituted.


The Assetz House Price Watch is also available in the Assetz Data Centre.