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The following is a list of articles mentioning Assetz or Stuart Law published by the media. We also have a comprehensive list of Assetz press releases as well as our own property investment news site.

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Assetz Press Releases

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Daily Mail 20/06/2012 House prices rise 1.4% as market defies double-dip recession (but falls seen up North)
The Times 04/05/2012 Word on the street: Manchester
Times 26/04/2012 Boris is warning of the return of Rachman
Daily Telegraph 13/04/2012 Will George Osborne’s tax hikes do to house prices what Gordon Brown’s stealth tax did to pensions?
Daily Telegraph 10/04/2012 Squatters could gain from millionaires\' attempts to beat Stamp Duty as house prices fall
Sunday Times 04/03/2012 US is hot property – not UK
The Sunday Times 19/02/2012 Buy-to-let is back in business
Independent 11/02/2012 Buy-to-let booms despite faltering property market
Daily Telegraph 10/02/2012 Expert tips on how to become a buy-to-let landlord
The Independent 03/02/2012 Online House Hunter: In search of ‘average’ homes
Daily Express 24/01/2012 Tempting mortgage deals lure borrowers
The Times 06/01/2012 It\'s sweet and sour as the market goes hyper-local
The Times 25/12/2011 The market may spring a surprise in New Year
The Times 16/12/2011 Shedding light on the year ahead
The Times 09/12/2011 Will it be gloom or stability
Daily Express 25/11/2011 House prices to soar by 15%
The Times 25/11/2011 The future of housing - gamble or gimmick?
The Times 04/11/2011 The onward march of the wealthy achievers
The Times 14/10/2011 What will happen to the housing market in 2012
Financial Times 07/10/2011 London\'s new build hotspots
Daily Express 06/10/2011 Cheapest ever home loans on the way
Daily Mail 25/09/2011 Northern Heights
The Independent 16/09/2011 Halls of distinction: why student rentals are a smart investment
Financial Times 11/09/2011 Property investors return to the market
Evening Standard 01/09/2011 New homes in university hotspots
Financial Times 26/08/2011 Homeowners hit by soaring Swiss franc
Independent 13/08/2011 Don\'t let your holiday home plans come tumbling down
The Times 13/08/2011 Football fans are onto a winner
Daily Express 06/08/2011 Property prices rise...
The Times 15/06/2011 No, it\'s not Surrey it\'s Skipton
The Daily Telegraph 13/05/2011 Property Special: The Let Set
The Daily Telegraph 13/05/2011 House prices: New threat for buy-to-let landlords
The Times 01/05/2011 The top property hot spots abroad
The Times 29/04/2011 Streetwise: what the latest surveys say
The Guardian 23/04/2011 Buy-to-let bounces back
The Times 02/04/2011 Buy-to-let investors cash in
The Times 25/03/2011 Office politics may curb shortage
The Times 05/03/2011 Enjoy the novelty if you can take the risk
The Sunday Times 27/02/2011 Don\'t rush to protect your mortgage
The Times 24/02/2011 The first time buyer affordability myth


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