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The following is a list of articles mentioning Assetz or Stuart Law published by the media. We also have a comprehensive list of Assetz press releases as well as our own property investment news site.

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Assetz Press Releases

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The Sunday Times 27/02/2011 Don\'t rush to protect your mortgage
The Times 24/02/2011 The first time buyer affordability myth
Financial Times 15/02/2011 The plight of first time buyers
Financial Times 11/02/2011 Foreign unrest can bring problems closer to home
The Times 10/02/2011 Leeds: From dustbin to low carbon hub
The Times 06/02/2011 Britains cash in on Detroit homes
Daily Express 05/02/2011 House prices up and could rise 5% in a year
Financial Times 04/02/2011 Fund set to help first time buyers


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